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{Baby Mine} Harford County, MD Custom Child Portrait Photographer

That he is. My baby. Baby of mine.
…and for what it’s worth, that is pretty much “our” song.
Well, that and “Heartbreak Warfare” thanks to big sis Mar.

As a mom, it’s super hard to wrap your brain around your small kiddos growing up.
It’s mostly difficult because you are both happy and sad all wrapped up in the same emotion.

Jax is a lover. He’s a cuddler, and right now my husband would say he’s kind of a baby (um, yeah–MY baby).
He does things on his own time, and his most prized possession at this very moment is a white, imitation beanie baby bear with an American flag on his tummy that he calls his “Ravens Bear” (I have no idea).

Like most boys his age, there is a fondness for Toy Story (particularly Buzz). To make his Daddy proud, he loves lacrosse. His newest obsession is wearing tank tops, particularly those of the “mesh” variety–with a nice pair of mesh LAX shorts. If it isn’t warm enough for such attire when leaving the house, his “uniform” goes back on the minute we return. I am thrilled (if you detect sarcasm, it’s just a little…for the most part it’s cute).

Like Mar, he’s shy. He shows this by curling his shoulders in when something is adorable or funny, but he smiles big.
I am honoring him today by sharing some fun snippets of our first real photoshoot together. And, yes, he’s drinking coke, and yes–we paid for that later. I think I will continue to pay for it, as he constantly asks to have his picture taken again so he can “drink that stuff with me.” Oops.

He truly makes my heart leap, and he perfectly completed the dynamic of our little family 3 years ago today.
Happy Birthday sweet, sweet blue eyed boy.

“From your head down to your toes.
You’re not much…goodness knows.
But you’re so precious to me.
Sweet as can be.
Baby of Mine….”

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  • Alison - So cute! I loved reading about your son as well– he is adorable! Makes me look forward to 3!ReplyCancel

  • Stacy - OMG, he is so adorable!!! Being a Coca-Cola junkie myself, I LOVE the last shot!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAX!!!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Evans - OMG…I love them all!! I cant believe he is so big. I hope you guys had a wonderful day!!ReplyCancel

  • Leslie Cain - Thank you for such a sweet and adorable grandson. And you made me cry with the Dumbo song. You amaze me Lindsay! Love, Mom/G-MomReplyCancel

  • Janice - Happy Birthday sweet boy! I can’t believe you are 3 already! Linds, where does the time go?ReplyCancel

  • Jackie Parks - Happy Birthday Jax! I can’t believe you are so big! We had so much celebrating with you tonight!ReplyCancel

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