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Another Contest!!

It’s no secret that I have fallen hard for lifestyle photography! Last year I had a very successful “baby nursery” contest that was so much fun. I loved all the images everyone sent to me, and photographing the chosen rooms was aligned with what my heart wants out of this journey!

Recently I came across an old sample press printed album from years ago full of lifestyle images or two adorable kiddos in their bedroom. It made me think how special it must be for that family to have these images of their children in their space–because we all know that their “space” changes and grows as they get older (and we have less control–lol).

Whenever I photograph a newborn baby at their home and they have an older sibling, usually while mom is feeding baby, big sibling and I take off and have some fun of our own (which is what is shown in the images below). Children are usually most comfortable in THEIR environment–with their own toys and play things! This makes sense! In turn–parents put a lot of effort into making that space ADORABLE. Let’s capture your hard work, parents!

From now until January 22nd I am taking photo entries of your child’s space. This can be a bedroom or a playroom. I am thinking of my little friends who are not yet full day school age. My hope is to get over in the next month or so while it’s cold out. Let’s have some fun capturing your sweeties in their environment. The session and 2 digital images are complimentary!

Entries can include multiple rooms/children.
Show me what ya got!! 😉

Please email entries and any questions to

Can’t wait to see!!

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