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{My Blue Eyed Boy} Harford County, Maryland Baby Portrait Photographer

As I am sure you have heard me post before, my son is less than thrilled to pose for a picture these days. He doesn’t get upset–he just won’t look at me! So…we were at a local garden for a summer concert and while he was busy flirting with someone over yonder–I got to snapping! And low and behold–he looked at me once!! Not the most “dapper” look, but cute for a 15 month old!

Just look at his eyes! It’s funny, my entire family has blue eyes. My husband has hazel. My daughter is pretty much a carbon copy of my husband–right down to the hazel eyes (which by the way are gorgeous), but “J” is all my side. He looks a lot like me and my younger brothers. Fair is fair, right? We each have one child that resembles us! 🙂

Anyway, I was happy to have some great shots of my baby’s blue, blue eyes!
He’s a doll, and just the sweetest little guy.
Only three.
Thanks for looking.

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