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{Pop Pop Pop’s Plane!}

Nope that’s not a typo.

Yes, we add an extra “Pop” for the great (read that two ways) grandfather!

So…my grandfather made this plane for my younger brother when we were kids. My wonderful mother saved it, of course, for my kiddos, and low and behold–they are finally old enough to enjoy it!

I had to capture the moment forever, and for Pop Pop Pop.

He is the most talented man (I know, I was going on and on last time about how hard working and great he is, now add to that extremely gifted).

I have so many things in my home that he made with his bare hands, and I can’t even begin to tell you how special these treasures are to me.

This is only one of them….enjoy!!

***and I would be more than happy to bring this treasure to any session as a prop!***

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