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{For the Love of a Dog} Harford, Maryland Custom Portrait Photographer

I am a dog person. I always had a dog growing up, and they were both terrific pups. We don’t have one now, as my husband is NOT a dog person, and you really can’t MAKE someone a dog person (though I think Marlie will be trying as she is ALL about puppies)….but I love dogs, especially family pups like this guy…Cooper.

This family totally and utterly adored Cooper, and the feeling was mutual. Any dog that lives in the home of 5, 4, and 2 year old kiddos has to have lots of patience…and lots of love. I love how it looks like he is winking in the pictures,
but…he’s not. Mom told me the whole story about how he had to have his eye sewn shut when he was 4 because of a detached retina….poor guy.

Well, I suppose I shouldn’t go on and on about the dog–lol (although he was a very important part of this family). It was a hot sticky night (what night hasn’t been these days??), and the “D” fam had me over to their gorgeous property for some shots of the kids. Seriously, this was an awesome yard! There was a huge playset, a little pool area to cool down (very tempting on this night to just jump in with clothes on–I refrained), TONS and tons of room to run, and some gorgeous cornfields next to the house. The kids and I had a lot fun running around and playing together…and I definitely think I was able to capture the love between them.

Thanks for having me over…and thanks for bearing with me in this HEAT wave! 😉
Enjoy the sneak!

Oh, and if you read this post…give this fam some blog love (comments). 15 comments gets them a free 5×7 print!! THANKS!! 🙂

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  • Heather Tognocchi - So adorable!!! The one of the three kids and Cooper is my favorite!!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie Dawson - Love, love, love the pictures of the kids and Cooper! Beautiful! We love how you captured their individual personalities….Thanks for the sneak peek…can’t wait to see the rest!!!ReplyCancel

  • Steph Reardon Forstner - Debbie, I’d buy every single photo – wonderful shots of your beautiful family!ReplyCancel

  • Kirsten Dougherty - Absolutely beautiful!! I think the shots with “L” & “E” hugging and the one with Mommy and “P” are my favorites.ReplyCancel

  • Brigid C - Beautiful pictures! I love the ones with Cooper – so sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Charlie Dawson - Love the pictures! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Bopp - awesome pics!!!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Buchler - Precious pictures Debbie and Charlie. Is Cooper really winking??ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - I love the pictures!! The one of the kids and Cooper is really cute!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Rhoten - Gorgeous Photos. I don’t know how you”ll choose.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Pumphrey - Breathtaking. Art at its finest! Truly stunning.ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Wow…adorable pictures Lindsay! Debbie-your kids are so so cute and the pictures with Cooper are the BEST!! Small world Linds–Debbie and I went to high school together. Enjoy all the photos!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Fleming - Awesome pictures! Debbie – your kids are adorable. Love the one with you and your little girl:)ReplyCancel

  • Karen - Gorgeous family, gorgeous photos!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Jo - Beautiful pictures – I love them all.ReplyCancel

  • Mandy - Love the pictures of the kids, they are so adorable. Great photography!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Anne - Thanks for sharing these- wish I could use this photographer with our children too, if only we lived closer…ReplyCancel

  • Janet Dawson - These are striking beautiful photos of an exceptional family. Seriously, love the photos. Everyone of them is a treasure. How will you choose. Where’s Charlie??ReplyCancel

  • Donna Waters - Beautiful family! Beautiful pictures!ReplyCancel

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