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{My girl, My Girl, My Girl…Talkin’ bout My Girl} Harford County, Maryland Portrait Photographer

Well…it really isn’t the season…but BOTH of my sesisons today got cancelled (well, rescheduled) due to the flu! Yes, you read that right. Poor babies. Both were two year olds, and it is scary when they are so tiny and so sick.

Feel better little friends!

So what do I do when a session is scheduled, my husband was all set to give me the night off, and I have some “photo” time. I process my precious darlings…in this case “darling.” My daughter, what a hoot she is lately! She is suddenly miss model. We checked out a new location today and even had a picnic (yes, the whole family). I put my girl to work, and oh did she work it.

There’s the “pouty, moody” look:

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And the “innocent, all american, I’m three” look:

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And this final look is the Marlie look.

It’s all her.

If I had to paint a picture of her personality, it’s right here. A little sarcasm, a sprinkle of mischief, but a whole lot of heart and soul goodness. Add to that some dimples above a sweet mouth, one tiny beauty mark above her eye, some shiny, bouncing curls blowing in the breeze, and a big, wide smile ….

Here she is…my girl, a look all her own:

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