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I am a mom to two awesome kiddos (a boy/7 and a girl/9), and a wife to an amazing, patient, organized guy (which is a good thing because you know what they say about us “artistic” people–I kind of drive him nuts). I used to be a first grade teacher in my “former” life. Teaching was food for my soul. I love kids. They are real and completely “what you see is what you get.” Photographing children brings me so much joy because looking at the pictures is almost like looking inside of them. It’s who they are.

Over the past 6 years, this photography journey has taken me many places, and over that time I have discovered that I really just want to tell your family’s story (yes, that means I want YOU–the parents–to get IN the pictures).  I am passionate about that!! Just give me some beautiful light and the rest is easy. Take a look through my portfolio and get a feel for my style. If you like what you see, we are a good match!

Don’t be shy to tell me whatever you think I need to know ahead of time. I am so not beneath using candy as bribery. I will probably say something about you having stinky feet to make your child laugh, so please don’t take offense.

I just want to tell your story in pictures.