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{And So it Begins…} First Day of Pre-School

It was awesome.
She was awesome.
The kids were awesome…just….awesome!

I am so excited for my daughter’s new educational journey. Having been a teacher for many years, I really wanted to pick the perfect school for her, and for us…and I feel really good about our choice.

Now, of course, these pics are all of her and “the bookbag.” It’s all about the big back-pack strapped to her tiny frame! So cute….

I have some adorable snaps of the kids in action in the classroom, but I hesitate to post any of those because I don’t have permission from the parents of those kiddos.

I will end with this. I am definitely in for it. As we were dressing for school, I pulled out the outfit we had chosen the night before and my gal announced she would not be wearing that! She had to pick out all new duds. I helped “encourage” the pants, because we totally don’t have that coordination thing going on yet, but she picked out the top (which I got for $1.74 at Target yesterday, thank you very much) all on her own.

When I told my mom that story, she said Marlie sounds just like me when I was her age. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the shots of my baby off to her first day of school. My fave is the last shot because that is Marlie actually IN the room during class. You’ll see her looking pretty apprehensive in the pictures building up to the entrance–but once “into it” she was all smiles!!

Here’s to a great year!!

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  • Suzanne - i love the one of the littles with their bookbags on their tiny backs!! They look so big compared to their little bodies!! I hope she has a great year!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - I love these pictures! You have my permission to show my little one on your site. I’d love to see what you captured of his face, tears and all! These are wonderful!ReplyCancel

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