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{It’s his turn…finally!!} Harford County, Maryland Child Photographer

My son.
He’s on this photo blog sporadically for two reasons really.
He’s not a “fan” of the ol’ camera (ie–looks down not at me).
His sister knows how to work the camera pretty well.
Poor little man. I feel like he gets neglected in the picture dept.
So….while big sis was at school, we had some fun….and BOY did he make me work.
He’s fast, he’s curious, and it was bright and sunny! It certainly is an eye opener chasing him around by myself for a half hour and trying to get a good shot at the same time!

I am happy to have some nice cute pictures of him though, and of course want to share them with you too!
He is growing up so fast.
He’s almost 17 months and sweet as can be. Really. Just a doll.

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