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{LAX boy!} Harford County, Maryland Child Portrait Photographer

So Spring is just around the corner! Okay, well….maybe not JUST around the corner…but I can see the corner?? Yes?
I can’t wait, but it’s bitter sweet. My hubby is a LAX ref and pretty soon I’ll be kissing him good bye for most weekends and weeknights. It’s pretty insane once things get going, but this extra income allows me to be a stay at home mom/part time photographer–for which I am forever grateful. It’s such a gift.

Anyway, my husband’s family is pretty lacrosse crazy, and I know secretly he wants at least one of our children to play (though he’ll never admit that fully). We have had the mini LAX sticks lying around since my daughter was born. She never really showed much interest, but my son seems to really like it! At first he would “vacuum” with them (he likes to clean–much like my husband), but now they are “sticks” and he just walks around with them, cradling. He has 3, and the one featured in these photos is actually my husbands from when he was smaller, which I think is adorable. It’s “Daddy’s Stick.” G-Mom usually confiscates them when she’s here because they can become weapons of sorts!

The sweater you see is an adorable hand me down from one of my former first grade student’s family. Yes, you read that right. The awesome parents of the kids I used to teach are still “taking care of me!” They are and always will be the best!! 😉

Enjoy!! SO many pictures of the kids recently… As I have said, this biz is pretty slow in the winter….and I am brushing up on my indoor possibilities. I just ordered some new seamless…so I am sure I’ll be back!! 😉

And…he’s SMILING for me!! Ack!

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