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{Lindsay Parks Photography’s New Look}

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Well…if you haven’t noticed, I have a fresh new look!

I finally got around to having my own logo designed…and let me tell ya, it was so fun!

The funky, whimsical design that is now my trademark is courtesy of Lindsay Crain from Crain Design. We basically chatted a tiny bit and she was able to glean from my scatter brain thoughts this amazing logo that is PERFECT for me (would you believe a pair of Marlie’s toddler flip flops were part of the inspiration?)!

I love it, and am in the process of redoing my website and blog to match (will be a work in progress–just a warning). If you like what you see and you have a blog, site, etsy shop…whatever…contact her. She is super nice, super quick, and super talented!!

Thanks Lindsay!

Oh, and just so ya know, those are her beautiful girls under this post! It’s so great when two artists can swap services! Love that.

And it doesn’t hurt that we are both Lindsays! 🙂


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