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{Let’s Hear it for the Boys!} Baltimore County, Maryland Child Portrait Photographer

I met up with the most adorable family today, at their home. There were 3 boys-ages 5, 4, and 1! It was a lot of fun getting to know their personalities and what makes them smile (like Dad telling superhero bedtime stories or banana jokes). They were just too cute.

The littlest guy who just turned one definitely needed a birthday portrait—and of course we had to have some brotherly love!

Now, the last two pictures just make me laugh. We did have some nice “posed “ family shots, but as I was leaving today, Mom and I were discussing how it’s tough to get that “perfect” portrait…and that is never really my aim.

My goal is always to capture the child or family as they are—just being. Well, okay—sometimes that may be a bit extreme, but I LOVE these shots anyway! The last one is actually more like an ‘out-take.’The boys were silly! They are supposed to be! They were great to work with, smiled “nice” when necessary, but three boys under 5 is a wonderful handful full of excitement and adventure. Their mom is adorable too, and that last shot is so her. At least, I think so!

Enjoy—great meeting you guys and hanging out at your house today!

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And the hilarious out-take with the amazing mom! (Hope you don’t mind me showing this!)
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  • Krista Maniatis - My boys!! So, that last picture really sums things up…too funny! It totally captures their personalities. I love it. Thanks for spending the hottest afternoon of the year with us.ReplyCancel

  • Connie - The picture of Krista, Lou and the boys is adorable. It is so them! I love it. Playful and happy just the way they are.


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