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{Tis the Season for Tiny Miracles} Harford County, Maryland Newborn Photographer

It seems like lots of babies are on the way these next few weeks! What a great time to give thanks for the precious miracle of life.

This sweet little one was on the older side of a “newborn,” but slept peacefully none the less!!
Look at that gorgeous hair and pouty lips!
Heartbreaker on the way (just like his big brother)!!

You might remember this family from the end of summer here, when I took Mom’s maternity shots, and pics of the family of three. It’s really a special thing to be able to capture those last treasured moments for a dynamic family before the big event, and then meet up again to see the tiny miracle that joined them to make a new family of four. Big brother is taking it all in stride and doing great!

Thanks for all the hard work you did to MAKE this session happen. I am so glad we did!!

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