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{Baking with Franklin}

So lots of personal blogging!
I am having some wonderful downtime for the holidays–just placing and packing orders (which I guess really isn’t downtime–plus I have a bunch of newborns this month), but nonetheless–family “photo ops” galore!!

Here is another…..

Yes, you read correctly!  Franklin is at our house to bake with us!!

You all know Franklin, right? The lovable green Turtle who faces fears, and solves common problems in great stories for kids?

Marlie got “Franklin’s Backpack” this week at nursery school, and with it comes a fuzzy Franklin pal, as well as several of his wonderful books to read.  It is a fabulous thing for a three year old to receive, and my daughter was floored to finally have her turn.

So here’s how it works; each student spends the week with him and records the fun events they do together in a journal.  We have to give Franklin back on Tuesday, and I know that is going to be hard! He sleeps in a “bed” in Marlie’s room, hangs out with her and “Puppy,” and has pretty much become a loved member of the family.

Today G-Mom came over, and we baked together!

Franklin had fun watching, helping, and lastly…enjoying cookies!!

Marlie and Franklin are ready to bake!
cook11go ahead,pin this

cook9go ahead,pin this

Stir it up….little darlin’…stir it up!
cook12go ahead,pin this

cook5go ahead,pin this

Franklin holds on to the sprinkles….
cook10go ahead,pin this

If this doesn’t say Christmas…I don’t know what does!!
cook41go ahead,pin this

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Licking the batter…..
cook8go ahead,pin this

Jax is allowed to give a quick snuggle!!
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cook1go ahead,pin this

Now time to enjoy all the hard work!
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