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{A Holiday Blessing…} Baltimore County, On Location Newborn Baby Photographer

Oh my, oh my…what a handsome handful of newborn baby goodness did I get to visit this morning.
What a little doll!!

He is adorable, and it’s all about his chin…what I like to call a “butt chin…” Pardon the expression, but I must have brought it up to the mom a gazillion times today. My dad had one, my oldest youngest brother has it–and I love it! I guess it’s dimple–or a “divet??” Whatever it is–it’s CUTE!!

Little man has a great two and a half year old big sis that I photographed this summer (you can see those pics here), and she is super excited about the new arrival! Lucky for us, Nana dropped by and played with her while little “L” had his photoshoot debut, but little “B” took some time off of playing to hold her baby brother and snuggle up for a few pictures together…so sweet.

This is a really great family, and I couldn’t feel more honred to do their new son’s first pics! I think I went a little overboard on the sneak peek, but I took a break from sessions this month, and I was really excited to edit these!

Thanks guys!!

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