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{Change in Bloom} Harford County, Maryland Maternity Portrait Photographer

Ahhhh…big change in the air for the Parks family! Another baby is on the way in less than a month.
No, not me!

This is my sister in law. We are married to brothers, and I am lucky enough to say she is my very good friend too.
My daughter and their daughter are only 9 months apart, and I love that we can get together lots and watch the kids grow up together.

Now, the first time around they found out they were having a girl. This time–they are having a SUPRISE! I love that. I didn’t find out either time I was pregant (yes, I know–there are 2 types of people in the world, those that find out, and those that don’t), but I am shocked that they are not because my sis-in-law is a big planner! I am happy they aren’t though, as I love a good suprise baby (and I have hand me downs for them either way)!

When she asked me to pop over today and grab some belly shots and shots with little “E,” I was excited. I can remember this feeling all too well. Really, it’s like it was yesterday. Before Jax was born, I had supreme Mama anxiety over changing Marlie’s life. I loved us just the way we were, but I knew we’d all love this new baby like crazy. I soaked in every second with her at the end of the pregnancy with Jax like it was my job, knowing we would truly never have THIS again. And we don’t have THAT anymore, ….but we have something better now.

I am so blessed to be able to snap this moment in time for my neice–and for Mommy. You can’t get it back, and you really never want to, but it’s nice to always remember it.

So we went over for a yummy Valentine’s Day breakfast complete with heart shaped Jello, and we celebrated family LOVE!
Love you! Can’t wait until Baby Parks makes their way into this world.

Pretty Mommy….
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I love this next series of pictures…
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I love her face here, kind of saying, “When is this thing coming OUT?”
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Just one of the future big sis!
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And some crazy girl cousins….poor Jax! I think he’s hoping for a boy baby to snuggle!! 😉
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  • Amanda - I LOVE THEM!! My favorite is you holding Ella by the window!! You look amazing, and I cant wait to meet your little one. Lil B needs a buddy so I hope its a BOY!!! Great job Lindsay…you are the best!!ReplyCancel

  • Heather Krout - Wow – I Love looking at your blog Linds! Jackie looks so beautiful and you have captured the love of Mother & Daughter and a soon to be new addition so well. I am so excited for Tim & Jackie and looking at these photos really captures the end of one season and the cusp on an entire new season…beautifully done! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Courtney - oh, they are so cute and you both look beautiful. Can’t wait to find out what #2 is so i can go shopping. Another great job, lindsay!ReplyCancel

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