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{Re-discovering Spring!} Harford County, Maryland Custom Portrait Photographer

So, as my “break” from shooting clients is wrapping up, I couldn’t be more excited for this new project to start! This is what is called a “blog circle.” A few photographers and I from around the country all pick a theme, shoot pictures of “our own” using the theme, and then share! I will link to the next photographer on the list and so on (and someone somewhere has linked to ME). The best part–purposeful sessions/photos of my kiddos. Sometimes that gets lost when you start focusing on clients again.

The theme for this month was “discovery.” I had a bunch of ideas, but this one just kind of….happened. I hadn’t intended on doing it, but it works!

Here is MD we have had a ridiculous week in early March of super sunny days and temps of 70-75 degrees. It’s been crazy (albeit wonderful! Because this wonderful gift is coming waaayyyy earlier than anticipated, the kids and I got to “re-discover” our deckbox full of goodies in the back yard. It literally had cobwebs when we opened it up–but we had so much fun! Bubbles, tee-ball, golf….soccer!

The best part (and the first image I picked) was the wearing of flip flops and sandals. My son was even barefoot, as you can see by his discarded shoes and socks! Re-discovering the grass on your toes….priceless!!

Take a peek, and at the end of this post there will be another blog for you to click on and visit!

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Enjoy, and now follow the circle by checking out the wonderful Valerie Ackerman Photography and her interpretation of our theme! Thanks for looking!!


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