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So, this post is following my newly professed love for lifestyle newborn sessions at home! The GREAT news in that an at home session doesn’t HAVE to be a newborn session! The child can be any age (I mean, even at newborn sessions I always ending up obsessing over the adorable big siblings anyway). When I had my nursery contest over the winter, I technically was searching for newborns, but I had many entries that came from already born babies. This sweet girl was actually about 4 months old a the time I chose her fabulous space as a winner. Her mom and I agreed that it might be sort of fun/rewarding to wait until she was actually pulling up/sitting up/smiling/laughing and interacting with her nursery‚Ķand I am SO glad that we waited! The images were adorable. Nine months really is such an awesome ago to get a session done. I loved the personal touched to her unique room, and we had a blast together. Don’t you just love it??

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