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Just Me being Me ~ a personal post

Hello followers of LPP. I hope everyone is doing well and feeling pumped about this week’s weather! I can’t wait for things to green up. Spring…we welcome you with open arms!!

So….I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. It tends to happen to me in January and February, because I give myself these months “off” from the business and I take a step back and reflect on my year. Sounds like a good idea, right? Yes, I do the “normal” things every business does at this time–taxes, pricing, updating my portfolios–but something felt different this year. It’s been bothering me…so, I investigated.

I have always been more of a “well rounded” type of person person. What I mean by this is–I have never been one to “throw my hat in the ring” for one sport or activity and have that be my “thing.” I have always had my hand in a bunch of different pots and tried to thrive in a variety of situations that make me happy (HAPPY being the key word). It’s always worked well for me.

Photography makes me VERY happy. I absolutely love it and that will never change. What has been hard for me (and what I don’t love about it) is the business/pricing side of this. The industry is growing and changing around me so much, and I fear that these “growing pains” are not for the better. That hurts, but hey, you know what? That’s ok. I am not going to whine and complain about it, but I am also not going to change anything I don’t want to about MY business to compete or “blend in” with what I see happening. I am not going to try and convince anyone in this industry that they aren’t charging enough or that they are setting themselves up for little to no profit either (even though I might be thinking that). I also thank my lucky stars I have some amazing women/fellow photogs who have become my some of best friends/supporters. We build each other up and well, you just couldn’t ask for better friends/colleagues. I am immensely grateful to have that. I know they understand everything I am addressing here.

This is my seventh year owning Lindsay Parks Photography. Seven years, people!! It has been (and will continue to be) an amazing journey! That being said, all I know and see are MY numbers. I know how much I gross, how much I net, how much the government takes, and how much my props/equipment etc cost. I have been a pretty successful business woman in this journey! These past two years have been my best yet! That makes me feel so proud. I have a wonderful following, amazing clients, and my images continue to get stronger because I love learning. Yes, I LOVE taking pictures, but I am also doing this for a reason–to provide needed income for my family.

So what am I rambling about? I will continue to stay true to ME, to charge what I want and feel my time is worth. What I have been doing is working for me, and that’s why I won’t change the way I run things. What I will do is continue to make myself happy by exploring other avenues WITH photography.

I have some pretty exciting stuff on the horizon, but it’s not linked to photography. You might see it and think, “what’s happening, photography isn’t enough–she doesn’t want to do it?” No, that’s not it at all. I will continue to book sessions for people who love my work and want to invest in the images I will personally put my heart and soul into for them (the beach sessions are going to be amazing and I can’t wait).

Spring will be light–my heart is most invested in the wonderful sport of lacrosse with my kids and hubby these next few months. I help coach my daughter’s team and I love that journey (yes, it’s volunteering, but it’s food for my soul). It keeps me very busy though.

Guess what else I have gotten back into? Substituting!! Any of you who “knew me back when” know that I truly LOVED teaching. I love my little people! Those adorable first graders from my official last year in the classroom in 2006 (right before I had Marlie) are all grown up and getting ready to start their senior year! It feels so good to be back at school (but only a little bit–this gets back to my whole “hands in many pots” reference–a little bit is just enough). Major bonus here: I am at my kiddos school so I see them thriving with all the amazing people who work there.

I know you have seen some of my Young Living Essential Oils “oily goodness” posts if we are facebook friends or you follow me on IG. I am a “happy oiler” and I am singing it from the top of tall mountains. I hope you don’t roll your eyes at that–ha ha. It’s really as simple as that–I believe in it. If you want to try it, I am your girl. So there is that.

Are you familiar with “Little Apple Images?”? I work with my super talented friend Anni, and we will continue to service the awesome preschools in the area, but we are also capturing a few local sports teams this spring. Pretty cool, right? Can’t wait to share those–totally out of box (but I love that).

Finally, Anni and I are also taking a leap of faith in another non photography adventure that I will be sharing with you soon. I am SO super excited about this one, and we can incorporate photography into this adventure when we want, which of course we will–ha ha! Stay tuned my friends.

So, without continuing to pour my heart out–just know this. I love capturing you and your kids. That hasn’t changed. I am just looking for a happy balance where I won’t be discouraged so much. The people who have supported me all these years, I am so excited about the future with you! I am just “standing up” in this industry and saying, “This is me, and I am not changing. Take it or leave it.” I don’t want to offer a million mini sessions all the time just to tread water and stay afloat with what’s happening. Mini sessions just don’t always speak the message I want to send. They don’t tell your story. I can’t spend enough time with you. Why would I hold them just so I can reach a price point people want/other photographers offer? That’s silly to me (but fear not–I am still totally in for “buddying” up with Karen from Tiny Toes for main street minis etc. every season–I love those). Photography just isn’t a level playing field with regards to what you charge. I wish it was. I wish people booked photographers clearly on their images–not their price point (but I totally get it–I like a good deal too).

I am going to fill my cup with ALL things I love and focus on what brings me true JOY! The best part? I can do all of these things literally if/when I want to. I never thought that the older my kids got the more they would need me for things, but it’s true. I am SO excited and can’t wait for the future–and I truly hope you are part of it. If you want to book a session with me this spring, please reach out now–as the “laxing it up” takes priority this time of year. 🙂 Summer is all booked with glorious beach sessions (that I adore), and fall–well, I guess that will always be a busy time for every photographer! Tis the season!! Lol.

Thanks for listening guys. <3 xo ***image by my sweet friend and constant supporter Anni of Anni Oh Photography***webfbgo ahead,pin this


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